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When compared to other sunscreens, Dynamic Age Defense SPF sets itself apart in three main ways: efficacy, wearability, and safety.
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What you need to know

Dynamic Age Defense SPF, powered by patent protected DiamondCore® zinc oxide, is a biomolecular breakthrough in mineral UV filter technology. More than than just a sunscreen; it is the most comprehensive anti-aging regimen, in one step.

Relative to other chemical and mineral sunscreens, Dynamic Age Defense SPF sets itself apart in three main ways: efficacy, wearability, and safety.

Dynamic Age Defense SPF is so much more than just a sunscreen; it’s the most comprehensive anti-aging regimen, in one step. Dynamic Age Defense SPF is simultaneously one SPF 30 PA++++ sunscreen, 6 potent antioxidants, 5 deep moisturizers, and 3 dark spot treatments. It cuts a 10-step routine down to just one and tackles: 

  1. Sun protection 
  2. Age prevention
  3. Discoloration defense 
  4. Redness reducing 
  5. Texture smoothing 

This is achieved while remaining 100% transparent and ultra-wearable. While sunscreen is typically seen as the last protective step in a skincare routine, Dynamic Age Defense SPF is truly the only step needed to stop time, fade dark spots, calm redness, and smooth wrinkles.  

When compared to other sunscreens, however, Dynamic Age Defense SPF still sets itself apart in three main ways: efficacy, wearability, and safety. Let’s break these down. 


Other Mineral and Chemical Sunscreens 

Pavise powered by DiamondCore® zinc oxide 

Poor quality solar filters with low UV absorbance 

5X better UVA/UVB/HEVL defense than conventional filters 

When exposed to sunlight, solar filters produce Reactive Oxygen Species that accelerate skin aging 

80% eradication of solar-generated Reactive Oxygen Species to minimize oxidative stress 

Require the addition of hidden chemical UV filters to boost UV protection that can irritate skin 

No need for hidden chemical filters 

Not all UV filters are created equal; even filters with the same ingredient name may differ in quality and therefore efficacy. Neither conventional chemical nor mineral filters have been updated since the 1990s in the US, and both lack comprehensive and efficient UV protection. Both conventional UV filter types produce ROS when exposed to sunlight because of their lack of photostability. Only DiamondCore® zinc oxide provides 5X better UVA, UVB, and HEVL defense than conventional filters and eradicates 80% of solar-generated ROS, particles that accelerate photoaging via oxidative stress.  


Dynamic Age Defense SPF is truly undetectable protection and is 100% transparent on all skin tones. DiamondCore® zinc oxide has a meticulously engineered spherical molecular shape that more efficiently scatters light. This allows it to remain invisible on skin. Other mineral filters produce a white cast because their particles have jagged edges that reflect and scatter light inefficiently. When other mineral sunscreens claim to be transparent, it’s usually only possible when they’re used in formula alongside hidden chemical filters that allow for a lower concentration of mineral filters to be included in formula without compromising efficacy. 

Dynamic Age Defense SPF has a luxurious, smooth texture that blends seamlessly into skin. It doesn’t pill and wears wonderfully under makeup. It is never goopy, thick, or greasy like other mineral sunscreens. This is because other mineral solar filters are made of irregularly sized and shaped particles that drag against skin. DiamondCore® molecules are precisely sized and smooth, gliding seamlessly across skin to achieve unrivaled textural elegance. 


Safe for 

Other Mineral and Chemical Sunscreens 

Pavise powered by DiamondCore® zinc oxide 

Pregnant and breastfeeding people 






Eczema-prone skin 



Blemish-prone skin 



Sensitive skin 



Post-procedure skin 



How do we know? 

Dynamic Age Defense SPF is the first, 100% true mineral, SPF30, PA++++ sunscreen made without hidden chemical UV filters. 
Hidden chemical UV filters are molecules that mimic the structure, chemical properties, and performance of FDA-registered chemical UV filters. However, they aren’t registered as active ingredients in sunscreens and are not disclosed alongside their concentrations on sunscreen labels’ Drug Facts panel. Rather, they’re hidden under a sunscreen’s “Inactive Ingredients” list. They’re included in both “mineral” and chemical sunscreens to enhance efficacy. Look for these: 

  1. Butyloctyl Salicylate 
  2. Tridecyl Salicylate 
  3. Ethyl Ferulate 
  4. Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate 
  5. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid 
  6. Ethylhexyl methoxycrylene 
  7. Undecylcrylene dimethicone 
  8. Benzotriazolyl dodecyl p-cresol 

Their inclusion can be problematic for several reasons. FDA-registered and unregistered chemical UV filters aren’t recommended for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children because of their non-GRASE (Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective) status and evidence of systemic absorption into blood and breast milk. Hiding chemical UV filter biosimilars in “100% mineral” sunscreens can be dangerous for vulnerable populations who are avoiding chemical filters for these reasons. 

Like their FDA-registered chemical filter structural analogs, hidden chemical filters are more likely to cause irritation, sensitivity, and contact dermatitis. People sensitive to chemical filters may still find “100% mineral” sunscreens irritating because they contain hidden filters. 

Because they are included as “inactive ingredients,” their concentrations aren’t regulated like their FDA-registered counterparts. They can be included at concentrations in formula higher than the concentration thresholds approved by the FDA for their registered analog. This also poses safety risks because of increased systemic absorption.  


Dynamic Age Defense SPF powered by patent protected DiamondCore® zinc oxide is a biomolecular breakthrough in mineral UV filter technology. Meticulously engineered, DiamondCore® zinc oxide is uniquely structured to provide unparalleled UVA/UVB/HEVL protection, ROS scavenging capacity, and biocompatibility with all skin types. Dynamic Age Defense SPF is more than a sunscreen—it’s a feat in photoaging innovation. By combating the two major causes of extrinsic aging—photoaging and oxidative stress—which constitutes 97% of all skin aging, Dynamic Age Defense SPF is the ultimate step to stop time. 

By Claudia Teng - Updated June 29, 2023

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