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Superior protection. 100% transparency.

This doesn’t just apply to the performance of our products.

It's also the approach we take with our science and safety measures.

We believe skincare is a matter of public health

Pavise collaborates with numerous third-party labs, hospitals, medical oncologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians to validate the safety and efficacy of our products.

After formula development with our partners in medicine, products undergo stringent claims, SPF/UVAPF, stability, comedogenicity, acnegenic, irritation, and allergy testing.

Pavise products are always:

3rd party tested 

Derm + oncologist-developed 

Sensitive skin + eczema-safe 

Pregnancy + child-safe


Safe for inflammatory skin conditions, sensitive skin, and post-procedure skin

  • Pavise’s medical oncologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians weigh the health benefit and potential risk of irritation of individual ingredients and their combination in formula.
  • Products undergo Repeated Insult Patch Testing and comedogenicity + acnegenic testing. Formulas aren’t approved if they cause irritation or clog pores in a single participant.

Safe for children and pregnant/breastfeeding people

  • Many “100% mineral” sunscreens are formulated with hidden chemical UV filters like butyloctyl salicylate that are absorbed into blood and cross the blood-brain, blood-placental barriers at rates above FDA-approved safe levels.
  • Pavise’s dermatologists and pediatricians have verified the safety of each ingredient in our true mineral sunscreens for use by children and pregnant/breastfeeding people.

Proven efficacy via in vivo and in vitro studies

  • Product claims, SPF, and PA values are always validated via diverse in-human, third-party tests.
  • The efficacy of Pavise technology is so proprietary and well-proven that we have peer-reviewed, academic publications and patent protection.

DiamondCore®'s superior safety profile