Superior protection. 100% transparency.

This doesn’t just apply to the performance of our products.

It's also the approach we take with our science and safety measures.

We believe skincare is a matter of public health

Pavise collaborates with numerous third-party labs, hospitals, medical oncologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians to validate the safety and efficacy of our products.

After formula development with our partners in medicine, products undergo stringent claims, SPF/UVAPF, stability, comedogenicity, acnegenic, irritation, and allergy testing.

Pavise products are always:

3rd party tested 

Derm + oncologist-developed 

Sensitive skin + eczema-safe 

Pregnancy + child-safe


Safe for inflammatory skin conditions, sensitive skin, and post-procedure skin

  • Pavise’s medical oncologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians weigh the health benefit and potential risk of irritation of individual ingredients and their combination in formula.
  • Products undergo Repeated Insult Patch Testing and comedogenicity + acnegenic testing. Formulas aren’t approved if they cause irritation or clog pores in a single participant.

Safe for children and pregnant/breastfeeding people

  • Many “100% mineral” sunscreens are formulated with hidden chemical UV filters like butyloctyl salicylate that are absorbed into blood and cross the blood-brain, blood-placental barriers at rates above FDA-approved safe levels.
  • Pavise’s dermatologists and pediatricians have verified the safety of each ingredient in our true mineral sunscreens for use by children and pregnant/breastfeeding people.

Proven efficacy via in vivo and in vitro studies

  • Product claims, SPF, and PA values are always validated via diverse in-human, third-party tests.
  • The efficacy of Pavise technology is so proprietary and well-proven that we have peer-reviewed, academic publications and patent protection.

DiamondCore®'s superior safety profile

Zinc oxide blood absorption rates have been studied since the 1980s and are remarkably low. This is why mineral sunscreens are recommended to children and pregnant people over chemical ones.

Because DiamondCore® sits on top of skin, it can’t interact with skin cells and cause irritation like many chemical UV filters.

DiamondCore® scavenges and neutralizes Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that cause inflammation and DNA damage.