Breakthrough Biotechnology for Total Skin Regeneration

Meet patent-protected DiamondCore® Shield Technology and our proprietary Photoaging Defense Cocktail.

Pavise is a catalyst for skin aging innovation

We’ve invented groundbreaking molecular technologies and proprietary adaptive formulas that work for all skin, starting with our DiamondCore® Shield Technology.

Diamond-augmented zinc oxide delivers superior and longer wavelength protection from UVA, UVB, and Visible Light while yielding a transparent, luxurious finish for all skin types with no white cast.

How DiamondCore® works

DiamondCore® improves electron transfer efficiency, an integral part of zinc oxide’s absorption of UV photons.

Traditional mineral filters have irregular molecular structures. DiamondCore®’s molecular uniformity allows it to form a more even shield, improving light dispersion and transparency on skin. This means it creates a fully protective barrier with no white cast left behind.

DiamondCore® scavenges and neutralizes UV-generated Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that age skin and cause hyperpigmentation.


Eradicates 80% of UV-generated ROS.

  • When other UV filters absorb UV light, the process sometimes generates ROS, a type of free radical which accelerates photoaging by damaging the DNA of skin cells.
  • In lab studies, DiamondCore® demonstrated the ability to do the opposite, neutralizing 80% of UV-generated ROS.
  • Less ROS? More skin regeneration.

DiamondCore® demonstrates 5X better UVA, UVB, and VL protection.

  • UVA makes up 95% of UV radiation and contributes heavily to skin aging. But many products that falsely claim to provide "Broad Spectrum" protection still fail to block most UVA rays.
  • In lab studies, DiamondCore™ displayed 5X the UVA and VL absorption of other leading mineral and chemical sunscreens, while leaving no "white cast".
  • Less UVA? Less aging.

2X more efficient absorption of bioactives

  • Dynamic Age Defense contains our "Photoaging Defense Cocktail", a blend of six potent bioactive ingredients: niacinamide, tranexamic acid, pycnogenol, silymarin, astaxanthin, and licorice root extract.
  • In laboratory studies, applying these bioactive ingredients alongside DiamondCore™ caused the bioactives to be absorbed 2X more effectively, allowing them to more effectively soothe your skin and restore its radiance.
  • More absorption? More skin repair.

Formulated by a team of leading physicians and professors in medicine

Every formula, ingredient, and form at Pavise is thoroughly vetted by our team of leading physicians and professors in medicine. They lead labs and teach at renowned academic institutions on topics spanning from the process of human aging to obstetrics and gynecology, to genetics. Together, they’ve collectively published 2,000+ peer-reviewed scientific papers and 10+ books on these topics.