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Breakthrough Science Developed at Harvard and M.I.T.

Meet patent-protected DiamondCore® Shield Technology and our proprietary Photoaging Defense Cocktail.

Pavise is a catalyst for suncare innovation

We’ve invented groundbreaking molecular technologies and proprietary adaptive formulas that work for all skin, starting with our DiamondCore® Shield Technology.

Diamond-augmented zinc oxide delivers superior and longer wavelength protection from UVA, UVB, and Visible Light while yielding a transparent, luxurious finish for all skin types with no white cast.

How DiamondCore® works


DiamondCore® demonstrates 5X better UVA, UVB, and VL protection.

  • UVA makes up 95% of UV radiation and contributes most to skin aging, but UVA wavelengths are typically where other sunscreens fall short.
  • In lab studies, DiamondCore® displayed 5X the UVA and VL absorption of other leading mineral and chemical sunscreens, and protection across a wider range of light wavelengths.

Eradicates up to 80% of UV-generated ROS.

  • When mineral and chemical UV filters absorb UV photons, the energy absorbed can sometimes generate ROS, a type of free radical ironically generated by UV damage.
  • In lab studies, DiamondCore® demonstrated the ability to scavenge and neutralize 80% of UV-generated ROS, significantly decreasing the risk of ROS-induced DNA damage.

DiamondCore® exhibits superior spreadability and transparency.

  • Traditional mineral UV filters have jagged, irregular molecular structures that scatter light inconsistently and inefficiently, affecting UV protection and leaving a white cast on skin.
  • Precision-crafted DiamondCore® has a uniform spherical shape that scatters light more effectively and spreads across skin more evenly, forming a transparent, impenetrable barrier.

DiamondCore® is 5X more effective than commercial zinc oxide

Formulated by a team of leading physicians and professors in medicine

Every formula, ingredient, and form at Pavise is thoroughly vetted by our team of leading physicians and professors in medicine. They lead labs and teach at renowned academic institutions on topics spanning from the process of human aging to obstetrics and gynecology, to genetics. Together, they’ve collectively published 2,000+ peer-reviewed scientific papers and 10+ books on these topics.